Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Calendars + Motivation: Can They Make a Difference in How We Live?

After entering the blogosphere and trying to find my place, one thing I have decided is to leave deal blogging to the pros. There are plenty of helpful websites out there that post frequently about the latest offers and freebies.

Nevertheless, I wanted to mention how a free calendar could affect my life--and share how one already has.

This week I discovered a free 2010 calendar offer (with purchase) from Annie's Naturals and Kiwi Magazine that includes a coupon page! But actually, the best part of it is that it is an activity calendar offering inspiration for activities for kids. My husband and I agree that planning simple activities for our kids is important, a higher priority even than planning meals. But too often time slips away as I focus on my to-do list. This calendar will give me another tool to help me in planning enjoyable days at home with my kids.

Why do I pin my hopes on a calendar? For a few months now I've been putting my free Dinner Made Easy fridge menu/ grocery list to good use. Things posted on my fridge tend to wander, but not my trusty menu pad from Betty Crocker. When the tablet is gone, I plan to print out menu templates, though I've found it tricky to keep individual papers in place on the fridge. I'll have to find a another way eventually, but in the meantime I'm enjoying what I've got: a very useful weekly menu planner, right where I need it.

What I wonder is: how do other moms balance their tasks with home-based activities for their children? And how can I help organize our time and make our daily rhythm less random? We have plenty of options--toys, art supplies, books, etc. But deciding what to do is sometimes tricky for me and and for my kids (ages 5, 4 and 2). I'd love to get some more ideas that I could implement.

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