Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Tip of the Week: No More Hand Towels On the Floor!

May I introduce you to the joy of suspenders for your hand towels? When three children share a bathroom, it should hardly be surprising that the hand towels were rarely on the towel bar. But enter these clips, which cost $1.00 for a 4-pack at Dollar Tree. By attaching them to our towels we have cut down on laundry and need not worry about germs from dropped towels.

If you are crafty and can get your hands on an old pair of real suspenders, you could shorten them (or make some) for the same sanity-saving purpose.

There is a suspender hiding behind that neatly folded towel.
Elastic triumphs over entropy.


Rebecca said...

I love it! This is a genius idea!!!


Christine @UnstructuredBliss said...

Do you have any problems with the towel pulling out when the kids tug on it?

Aiming4Simple said...

No, the towels never fall because I clips I bought have teeth, plus the elastic lets people pull enough to wipe their hands thoroughly.