Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft of the Week: Christmas Quilt Door Hanging

I recently decided that covering our side door with something decorative would be less costly than new coat of paint. And I could do a project with my kids instead of fending them away from toxic fumes. While a Thanksgiving door wrap never materialized, I set about creating this quilt to add some holiday cheer to our usual entry door.

Supplies We Used:

-Red and green construction paper
-White paper for printing letters
-Christmas wrapping paper
-Card stock (preferably from used printed matter)
-Glue sticks
-Paper cutter
-Hole punch
-Tape to mount

More elegant options occurred to me, but I was glad to stick with my goal of using what we already have. This saves money and avoids a further influx of craft supplies. Eco-friendly colored paper alternatives would be old holiday cards and Christmas wrap. Though I lacked these options, I did wrap the colored paper around card stock scavenged from old magazine covers and calendars.

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