Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of 2/15

We're celebrating Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year this Wednesday, a few days after the fact.   I am also trying to plan meals that I am confident my family will enjoy.  Too often, I have been choosing meals based on the variety and novelty that I would like, versus putting their preferences ahead of mine.

Lunches: ham sandwiches, stuffed avocados, lentil soup, mac-n-cheese, broccoli walnut sandwich ring

Dinner plans:

  • Slow-roasted venison, okra, cornbread
  • Pita fajitas (picnic with Papa)
  • Chinese dumplings, noodles, egg rolls, baby bok choy
  • Turkey burgers, fresh veggies
  • Chicken pot pie

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