Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Putting Facebook to Good Use

Since I am fairly unlikely to call up a friend on the phone, it's great to have other quick options for efficient communication.   However, of my 200 plus friends who have joined Facebook, most seem to have hit the wall of Facebook-fatigue last year.  My updates have slowed as well, but I still want to put this social networking thing to good use.  I have drawn the line at the online games.  I do not play them, since I spend too much time on the internet already.  But the community spirit that Facebook games embody intrigues me.  However, instead of getting virtual help to build something on my farm, I like to use Facebook to interface with real life situations I am facing. 

Here are a few ways I've used Facebook to help myself or others in the real world.
  1. In my status update, I have made open requests to borrow items, like the cup here, which I requested to hold the blueberry punch recipe I created.  And I've been meaning to put out another request soon for a crochet hook--hopefully today!
  2. When I have needed to find childcare, I have tagged local friends in notes.  So far my efforts have met with success each time, even when I made a last-minute plea (which is not unusual for me).
  3. I have invited friends to join me in an activity.  Most recently, I welcomed others to join me in a daily singing experiment.  It was fascinating to see who responded, near and far (mostly far).

Perhaps these will inspire you to try your hand at using social networking to build true 3-D community.  Way back in 2008, I mentioned some tips I came across for Christians using Facebook, and the above examples are ways I've tried to put that advice into action.  Happy facebooking, everyone!

You can find this and many other links to helpful ideas at Works for Me Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea...I still check facebook regularly, but I definitely don't update anymore. Thanks for sharing, I will put those tips to good use :)

Jhona O. said...

Wonderful idea!! I try to stay pretty positive when I update and use my updates as a witness as well. I enjoy reading people's updates. I recently deleted ALL the games that were being played on my account. My daughter liked to play the petshop game. It had been MONTHS since I personally played the Farm game. I enjoyed playing bedazzled but, like you, felt my time was better spent. So, I deleted everything and am enjoying not getting a million requests that I just have to ignore and clean out all the time.

I have been singing and the kids even joined me the other day in the kitchen. They usually think I'm a little kooky!

Mama Melissa said...

that's a great idea. :) might have to try it out!

i do, however, play the games.

Aiming4Simple said...

I don't condemn those who play online games, but for me, who struggles with time management plenty as it is, I don't want to get entangled.

Mama Melissa said...

i didn't think you were condemning someone who played the games... :)

i do have other things i could put my time to use doing... but, everyone needs an outlet. with a 3YO and a 17YO (foster) at home... this has been my current zone-out activity.

what i should do is get my behind back on the treadmill and run!! :) and now that you've convicted me... I might just do that!!