Friday, April 16, 2010

Filling Our Love of Nature Tank

It's my favorite time of year, tulip season. My weary, downcast soul beholds the simple splendor of the tulips I see and, for a moment, I think upward to the one who designed their beauteous form and brilliant colors.

Just yesterday I heard about the great outdoor challenge.  It's the perfect remedy for our hunger for nature and green that churned all winter long.  Rain or shine, we'll be spending time outside each day and documenting our fun in photos.  There's a button on my sidebar to declare our participation, though we joined a little late . You're welcome to join us too!

My girls were excited about the rain, hoping I would let them don swimsuits like the neighborhood friends did in the book, Come On, Rain .  I gave them raincoats and a giant umbrella instead.

What else shall we be doing outside? Hopefully our raised garden will begin to look like this again...
Our First Garden, 2008

...and we'll be able to get outside and play each day, turning to my list of 69 ways if we need some fresh ideas.

The longer I am on this earth, the more I realize that my primary avenue to an abundant life is via the outdoor world.  I have a strong desire to learn more about the Sacred Pathways that Gary Thomas explores in his book.  Nature is one of the nine paths.  Taking time to open those pages when I am out enjoying the fresh air seems the perfect place to begin. I hope I can report that I have taken that action step in the next week!

What are you planning to enjoy outdoors in the days ahead?


One More Equals Four said...

We have been loving this spring weather...although not so much the pollen. We have spent HOURS riding bikes, playing ball, walking around the is glorious!

Heather said...

I'm impressed-- I'm doing good to get the yard mowed! My husband has recently embarked on a gardening adventure though, so we'll see how that goes! :) I love spending time outside; we go on lots of neighborhood walks, just sit in the yard with the dogs, go to baseball games, ride bikes, etc. I'm excited that it's that time of year again!

Ashley Pichea [] said...

I've been shooing my kids outside anytime it's been warm enough the past couple of weeks. Our landlord built a new deck for us last summer and we love it! I need to get back in the garden this week and get my seedlings in the ground - they're starting to struggle a bit in the planters.