Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living on Less: 17 Strategies We Use to Save Money

The goal that my husband and I set still seems impossible--to finish five years of graduate study without adding any debt. After all, I stay at home with our three children while my husband studies full-time and works several jobs to support our family. Amazingly, we have remained close to reaching our no-debt goal, thanks to God's provision through generous relatives and friends, my husband's hard work, and all of us striving to live simply....
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To continue reading and to find out the 17 strategies that work for us, head over to Alicia's Homemaking to read my guest post, "Together on the Path of Less."   Today's post is part of her intriguing new series, The Less Project .  Alicia also shares many other inspiring tips and insights for living well on less.

This post is also linked to Penny Pinching Party Wednesdays at The Thrifty Home.

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