Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can We Celebrate Easter without Loads of Candy?

Except for my husband's undying affection for jelly beans, I would love to escape the holiday with little to no Easter candy.   This means I will need to avoid the candy aisle and encourage grandparents to do the same.  Instead, we can offer Easter treats that spare my children's bodies from unhealthy sugar.   Here are twelve ideas for consideration, all of which aim to enrich their bodies, minds, and spirits.

For the body:

1. Fresh fruits and fruit juice
What could be healthier than a colorful medley of fresh fruit favorites?

2. Fruit and nut bars
I like to give snack bars that are naturally sweetened with dates (versus corn syrup). Larabar offers fun flavors like apple pie and gingerbread cookie, which are healthier alternatives to candy bars.

3. Whole wheat cheddar bunnies and chicks
No sugar is necessary to enjoy cute bunnies if I opt for whole grain snack crackers by Annie's. I recently also found some adorable Market Pantry brand chickadee crackers at Target.  Making and cutting out our own crackers is another option.

4. Flying disk (a.k.a. Frisbee)
Why not encourage the kids to get moving and have fun throwing, chasing, and catching a flying disc?

5. Jump rope
I could tuck in a traditional rope with handles, or give an elastic Chinese jump rope, which can be used outside or indoors on rainy days.

6. Binoculars
These could help spark a love of the outdoors when my kids are in the backyard or we could take the binoculars along on a nature walk.

For the mind:

7. Puppets
Puppets are great for imaginative play and for adding an interactive element to stories. Buying or making finger or hand puppets can provide hours of fun storytelling.

8. Magnifying glass
My kids are always excited to study the natural specimens they find outdoors; rocks, bugs, leaves, flowers, and more natural treasures await their inquisitive eyes.

9. Craft kit
We love to do crafts in our house.  I am all for encouraging creativity and the development of fine motor skills with an appealing project kit appropriate each child's age.

10. Markers or paint set
From oldest to youngest, I know my children will enjoy a fresh infusion of art supplies.

For the spirit:

11. Bible or Bible story book
What better occasion than Easter go to the Book and find the story of the first Resurrection Sunday?

12. Resurrection eggs
My children are always captivated by the 12 object lessons that illustrate the story of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.

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Doris said...

Great post for Easter planning. Thanks for the very helpful and practical and healthy suggestions. Hugs. Grandma Woood

Nikky said...

Can use this post as a guest post on Chicks Dig Deals. It is great and I would love to share it with my readers too. You can email it to me of I can snag it off your site. Thanks for helping to simplify life!

Robbie said...

This is great. My kids have not had more than one chocolate item (a small egg or bunny) each year. The rest are goldfish, etc., things they really appreciate.

This year, they're getting bug catching things in their baskets after they used up my dishes last summer.

Megan said...

this is a great idea! my parents used to give us one piece of candy and some little prizes like personalized pencils, or a book we wanted, or cool erasers or something.

Katie said...

These are great ideas! My mom has been asking about what she can get for our son for Easter and while he's too young this year (9 months) this will be helpful for the future!

PS I came over from Alicia's Homemaking and have enjoyed looking around!