Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Local at Tastee Inn & Out


Update: If you live locally, you can grab a Groupon deal for Tastee Inn today! 

For the first year or so we lived in our neighborhood, I would pass by an old 50's-era drive-in restaurant with it's vintage sign unlit.  The chipping paint seemed to indicate that the place had closed down years ago.  But this was not so, a friend informed me.  My foodie curiosity was piqued.  Was this apparent dive actually a hidden local gem?  I decided to be adventurous and find out. 

It's not your average chain restaurant decor...
If you like onion rings, try the onion chips with creamy dip.
A Tastee sandwich is made from loose ground beef and comes with mustard and a pickle.

The "tastee" sandwiches we sampled were indeed unique.  I would call them one-of-a-kind even.  The sandwiches (but not the hot dogs) are clearly the reason this no frills establishment has stayed in business.  I am already plotting when I might return for another taste.

Disclosure: This review was written before I knew about the Groupon deal today.  All opinions are my own.  This post contains referral links for Groupon.  I will receive compensation if you purchase a Groupon through the links above. 


Alicia said...

How interesting! It's fun to find local gems...I like to take friends to them when they are visiting from out of town. :)

Katie said...

Those onion things look great and thanks for visiting my blog!

Candi said...

How fun! I always tell my husband that we should act like "tourists" for the day to see what we can come up with!

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to check out local joints because you never know what to expect (except if you check yelp ahead of time), and it is different from the usual chain. Sounds like an enjoyable time.

Angel~a said...

I used to live in Nebraska and we went to the Tastee In and Our place often. The onion ring dip is to die for! Wish I was passing through so I could get a fix! :)