Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Time to Finish and Keep Things Simple

0ur holiday travels ended last week and we are finally starting to get back to a more normal routine with school resuming again.  Meanwhile, I'm wondering how much I can accomplish before baby number four arrives (later this month?)!

Being realistic is not a strength of mine, but goals do help me stay a little more focused.  My main goals for this month (and beyond) are simple: to finish things that I've started and to let go of what is not essential.  Here are 10 things this procrastinator needs (or wants) to do between now and whenever Baby Blueberry arrives:

  1. Clean and declutter the whole house.  Yes, it's an audacious goal, but it will make life so much better when it's done.
  2. Pack my bag for the hospital.
  3. Sort through the baby clothes I've been given.  I am so thankful for generous friends who've stepped forward to meet that need!
  4. Turn in hospital paperwork.
  5. Finish putting away Christmas decorations.
  6. Purchase and prepare supplies for MOPS creative activities this month and next.
  7. Plan a dairy-free menu for the rest of the month.  One of the midwives I saw advised me to cut out dairy now in an attempt to avoid another colicky baby with MSPI.
  8. Finish several books I've started to read.   I'll put them in my hospital bag in case I don't finish them all before arrival day.
  9. Make breakfast foods ahead of time.  On my list: granola, muffins, maybe waffles...
  10. Cook a meal with my daughters.  We will use recipes from a book I found at the library, Wrap-N-Bake Egg Rolls: And Other Chinese Dishes.

After making progress on these high-priority items, I'm looking forward to doing some fun things too, like scheduling some craft projects to do with my kids.  And since the weather is supposed to get cold again soon, we can do several out-of-the-ordinary winter activities that we enjoyed last January.

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Meghan said...

I admire your energy! Good luck getting it all finished.