Friday, April 5, 2013

Creating and Tracing Rainbow Light Patterns

Inspired by those magical moments when "rainbows" appear on the floor as glass breaks sunlight into its color spectrum, my daughter wanted to try to trace the color patterns. We improved our odds by placing a glass jar near a window on a sunny morning. 

 After playing with angles, my daughters started tracing the colorful light patterns that they found. It was a bit of a race against time, as the sun's angle changed, but we still enjoyed the process.

Watercolor paints would be even better because kids can paint more swiftly. Now that we've located our stash of paintbrushes, we'll have to try tracing with watercolors next.

This pattern was outlined later, and it seemed to resemble an island.


Jackie Higgins said...

Very creative idea and the end product is beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love the rainbow tracing idea! So creative.