Monday, August 11, 2014

Recycled Egg Carton Rocket Pods

When I came across a list of 20 indoor ball games, I was excited to try them.  One problem though--no ping pong balls.  So we improvised instead.  I cut egg cartons apart and made "rocket pods" using rubber bands (hair elastics, actually).  Then we used more elastics to make a cardboard tube launcher.

It had been a while since I'd done a crafty project outside the kitchen, and I think I had as much fun (or possibly more) with this toy as anyone!  The rocket pods reminded me of the escape shuttles I had seen recently in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  My kids may not be quite ready to see the film yet, but we can still have some space-age fun together!

Materials Used:

  • Egg cartons, made of cardboard or styrofoam
  • Small rubber bands or hair elastics
  • Plastic grocery bags (for filling)
  • Cardboard tubes of different diameters (from paper towel and plastic wrap rolls)
  • 2 brass fasteners
  • Aluminum foil, optional
  1. Cut apart egg cartons to form cups.  Stuff two cups with the plastic from half of a grocery bag.  Secure the halves together with two rubber bands.
  2. To make the launcher, poke holes across from each other in one end of each cardboard tube.  Put the brass fasteners in the holes of the larger tube.  Thread a rubber band though each hole in the smaller tube and form a secure loop.  Put the samller tube inside the larger tube and attach rubber band loops to the fasteners.
  3. To decorate the outer tube with silver foil, wrap with foil and secure with three rubber bands.
  4. To launch rocket pods, pull the inner tube back to stretch the rubber bands.  Balance a rocket pod on the other end, aim the launcher, and let go of the inner tube "trigger."

I  like to share ideas here.

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