Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipe for Green Eggs and Ham Wrap (for Fans of Dr. Seuss)

We are cooking up some green eggs and ham here on Tuesday, March 2nd, in honor of Dr. Seuss.  As a follow-up to our reading of the book, Green Eggs and Ham, I came up with an easy recipe.  The key ingredient is pesto sauce, which turns the eggs from yellow to green--no artificial dyes or spoilage required. In the photo above, the eggs on the right are smothered in green pesto sauce.  The plate on the left is colored with avocado.

Why the "Seussical" focus this week? This author, beloved by millions children and parents, entered the world on March 2, 1904.  His birthday is now celebrated by many fans worldwide, and I am one of them.  Green Eggs and Ham was the first book I thought I could read by myself (actually I had memorized it), and I have fond memories of hearing many a Seuss book read to me as a girl.

These days my kids have their own favorite Seuss quotes. Upon tasting this version of green eggs and ham, my two-year-old son declared he would "eat 'em in a box."  I took this as a compliment, since he devoured all the green goodness that was before him.

Recipe for Green Eggs and Ham Wrap with Naturally Green Sauce:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Green pesto sauce (I prefer basil pesto) or avocado, blended
  • Cheese, grated or crumbled
  • Ham, finely diced
  • Tortillas (plain flour or spinach)
  1. Cook eggs and ham together and turn off heat. While still warm, add enough pesto sauce or avocado to cover the eggs and ham. Mix to distribute sauce until eggs appear green.  
  2. Place the desired portion of eggs and ham on a soft tortilla and top with cheese.  Fold tortilla in half and warm in skillet or in microwave until cheese begins to melt.
  3. Enjoy the green eggs and ham wrap warm, or cover and refrigerate to tuck in a lunchbox later.

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