Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adventures, Lessons, and Lemonade

What counts as evidence of an adventurous spirit? Certainly not that we now, alas, drive a minivan. A new theme from Alicia, Try New Adventures Thursday, inspired me to consider and share what we've been up to this week that's different. Every new adventure involves risk, right? And for us, there were a couple of unfortunately typical misadventures along the way. Hopefully we're a little wiser through it all.

1. Fish and Sandcastles

Spending an afternoon with friends provided the impetus I needed to create a spur-of-the-moment fishing game. We also tried out a new craft idea I had--sandpaper castles.

2. Latin Sounds
We ventured out of doors in the middle of the day to listen to a free mini-concert of the Dali Quartet. Though I could have done without all the squirming, we still enjoyed the music and the introduction to the various string and percussion instruments we heard.

3. Museum Lessons

The next time this mother feels adventurous, she will make every effort to avoid the following errors:
Mistake #1: Bringing an almost 3-year-old inside an art museum without a stroller to restrain wandering hands and feet.
Mistake #2: Denying outdoor craft opportunity to young boy with no alternative activity direction.
Mistake #3: Thinking one can help daughters with said craft for a moment while son supposedly stays nearby.

4. Fresh Lemonade + Pool in the Backyard = All is Well

I'm linking up to Alicia's Try New Adventures Thursday blog hop and going to chill with the Company Girls at Home Sanctuary this week!


Jhona O. said...

There's nothing like fresh lemonade!! My kiddos are really enjoying museums at this stage in their lives. It's so fun to see them get excited and hear them re-tell the stories they read or heard. We've enjoyed hearing how the things they see impact them! Sounds like your Summer is off to a fabulous start!!

Alicia said...

Thanks for linking up! You had me smiling at the minivan thing...does a minivan make you feel very much like a suburban American mom? Cause that's how the word "playdates" makes me feel! topic...
These are fun endeavors! The art museum with the unrestrained 3 year old hands sounds particularly, shall we say...adventurous? *wink*
Craving some lemonade now.

Aiming4Simple said...

Well, I probably would not have considered going into the museum, except that it was part of the planned activities that followed the mini-concert (along with the crafts). Also, I believe it is possible to train a child to do as he is told, which would make a stroller or kid leash unnecessary. However, reality slapped me in the face this week, and I as the parent bear most of the responsibility.

As far as minivans go, I resisted the idea for a long time because the whole suburban mom stereotype makes me shudder. As Job said though, "what I feared has come upon me." I suppose it's only fair that I am now judged in the same way I have judged others. Another lesson in humility... said...

you better be glad I am not there. I would totally hog the pool AND the lemonade.

kathy said...

As a mom of twins the stroller lesson is always hard learned.. I take one on my shoulder and they actually like it more.