Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Ideas + Menu Plan

Does anyone else love pumpkin as much as I do?   If so, the 10 pumpkin recipes I shared last week will not disappoint.  Two of my very favorites on that list are savory dishes--pumpkin soup and pumpkin buns stuffed with leftover turkey.  With canned pumpkin on sale at rock-bottom prices (69 cents a can!), I'm stocking up for the weeks ahead.

Thanksgiving weekend I plan to make some baked rice pudding and homemade cranberry sauce and have a mini-feast after gathering with friends on Thursday.  Spending too much time in the kitchen is a temptation I shall try to resist.  But there must be pie, right?  And with all the delicious options --pumpkin, pecan, apple, cherry--it's hard to narrow down which one(s) I'll make.

  • Monday - Roast chicken, bean soup, rice
  • Tuesday - Birthday meal (from our favorite Chinese restaurant, Yang's)
  • Wednesday - Venison, rice, vegetable stir fry
  • Thursday - Thanksgiving dinner with friends (bringing a pie, pumpkin dinner rolls, and cider)
  • Friday - Leftovers
  • Saturday - Cornish game hens, salad, sweet potatoes, rice pudding, cranberry sauce

I hope my use of time this week reflects what it truly important.  Certainly there is more to Thanksgiving than food and shopping, despite ads that say otherwise.  While we try to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in our home every day, I appreciate that there is a designated time to focus on God's goodness to us.  Giving thanks, sharing, and spending time with friends and family are what this season should be about.  Ideas for slowing down during the holidays in this article at Simple Mom were helpful to my thinking.

Have you found a recipe for how to make Thanksgiving happy and meaningful?

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Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify said...

Just spending time with family makes my Thanksgiving meaningful We also like to share what we are thankful for.