Monday, January 12, 2009

Less Animal, More Vegetable

Before it became quite so trendy, I aspired to be mostly vegetarian.  Though I never really succeeded in eliminating meat, I did reduce my intake; as a single college student, I consumed red meat on a monthly rather than weekly basis.  

But my, what a difference a family makes!  My children and husband love meat, and now my goal is to avoid having red meat on consecutive days.  Fortunately, my family will eat some vegetarian meals.  These are a good respite for my hereditary high cholesterol and help cut our food bill down somewhat.

Tonight I think I will experiment and try making Indian Dal in the place of lentil soup.  Lentil soup has been making weekly menu appearances for many months now.

I also have an online article with 10 of our favorite meatless meals, which I alluded to in a post last month.  Per the editor's request, I removed several links to recipes.   Here is a quick list of 6 links I had to take out:

So "Che ba!" That's Mandarin Chinese for "dig in!"

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