Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baking in My Kitchen: A Simple Pleasure

Sure, there is oatmeal strewn about the kitchen. But my 22-month-old "master of entropy" also added a nice flourish of oat topping to my banana berry muffins, unasked and unassisted.

Baking is one of those things I enjoy but seldom get to do anymore. The main obstacle is the clean up that is required before and after (see counter in photo). Still, it is one of those things that I truly enjoy. Baking should not be so difficult, and in fact it is not, as my little guy proved today.

Two of my three children seem to suffer from "hollow leg syndrome." Baking more could help appease their seemingly insatiable appetites. Thus, baking is another simple goal to add to my list that already includes:

Singing as I clean the house

I resonated with another post, Simple Writings Bring Simple Pleasure, which conveys the joy of the quiet moments and ordinary tasks that each day can bring. Instead of complicating things needlessly, I aspire to live abundantly in simplicity.

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