Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bargain Hunting Mishaps: Will I Ever Learn?

  • This week I dropped my cell phone in the grocery store parking lot and didn't realize it was gone until I arrived back home.
  • Last month, daughter #2 dropped a jug of V8 juice, splattering red liquid down the aisle.
  • On an earlier trip, the same daughter was carrying a quart of yogurt to the car. Yep. Down it went onto the pavement.
  • I found great bargains at the Salvation Army Thrift Store--several pieces for each of my kids! After loading all three kiddos into the car, I drove off without my bag. There it sat on the asphalt until someone took those lovely clothes home.
  • I found a blouse at the mall for under $5 that matched a silk skirt of mine perfectly. One of the kids jostled it out of the stroller basket, and we left it behind on the sidewalk.

The incidents above are good reasons to shop alone, and these are just examples from 2009! Usually I try to do a Tuesday night shopping trip after my children are sleeping, so I can focus on my list. But this is not a foolproof strategy either, since I have left bags of my groceries behind more than once. Sometimes I have been able to retrieve the forgotten items, while other times I suffered the full consequences of my carelessness and did not my get my purchases back.

Haste, carelessness, and distractability often plague me at this stage of life, and this week my weaknesses were again blatantly obvious. So instead of scoffing at my husband's tendency to double check things, I should learn from him. But I resist humbling myself, especially when I think my uniqueness is being threatened. After all, isn't it a good thing to be so carefree?

Really, though, I should be free to focus on the task at hand, and need to take the extra minute to make sure I have everything in order before moving on to the next thing. And then there is the primary question: Is what I am doing at a given moment worthwhile? The number of store receipts I amass and my internet browsing history reveal a need to change.

"Electronic sunsets" are a feat I managed on a couple of nights last weekend. When I turn the computer off, I can devote myself to higher priorities that bring order and peace to a chaotic house (Thanks, Rachel Anne, for spurring me to improve). The weekend trial run proved that this needs to be a regular discipline for me. Of course we can make an exception for our weekly movie night and perhaps e-mail. But It would be wonderful to welcome my dear friend who is arriving on Tuesday to stay in a home that is more sanctuary-like than it was this past week. So here's to another weekend (and week?) of these sunsets!


carikaufm said...

Awesome idea..."electronic sunsets' I love it...and well, need it...

Good luck!

FiddlersBride said...

Greetings from a fellow Company Girl : ) I love the idea of "electronic sunsets" Gotta give that a try! My husband told me about a co-worker of his where once a week the guy's family has a "1970s" night, where no one can use anything that wasn't around back then. So their kids can't play with their PlayStation, no one uses their iPods or laptops or DVD players or the like. It sounds like a great idea!
Mary in Baltimore

L Harris said...

electronic sunsets kinda sound like my Do Not Disturb Tuesdays. Anything online can wait until Wednesday. On Tuesday my focus is really in the real world.

Teresa McNamara said...

Those are all good ideas. I can be distracted from just about anything by the computer and I am being nowhere near as productive as I could be.

One More Equals Four said...

I could have written this post myself! I have so many things being juggled, both physically and in my head that I am always forgetting something or leaving something behind and my house has takent he brunt of it! Thanks for a great suggestion! Have a super weekend!

mholgate said...

Oh the things I would accomplish if I could discipline myself to have "electronic sunsets." Lately, I've been trying to spend more time with my kids right before bed and saving the e-mail/blogging for after bed. I'm still trying to figure out where writing fits in. I have gone back to writing in my journal and then transferring to computer when I have the time.

Have a great weekend. There have been some great real sunsets around here lately. Always nice to slow down and enjoy. :)


LydiaCate said...

"Haste, carelessness, and distractability often plague me at this stage of life"

Wow, that describes me to a T most of the time. I say all the time that I need an assistant. Someone to follow me around telling me where I left things, when I need to get ready to leave for something, and jotting down the things I think of as I'm diapering, teaching, cooking, cleaning so I won't forget them.

Love the idea of "electronic sunset" I think we'll use that sometime!
Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, boy do we have a lot in common. I tried to avoid going shopping with children, but most of the time, I had no choice. Nothing like coming home without the ONE thing you truly need. I'm really trying to pay better attention to things, but it's STILL hard...and my kids are generally not the problem anymore. The blame rests squarely at my own doorstep....sigh!

Next week WILL be better!!