Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple Tip of the Week: DIY Edible Air Fresheners

I don't believe in buying commercially produced air freshener. But it isn't hard to diffuse my own non-toxic aromas to freshen my kitchen and the rest of my house. Here are two strategies:

1. Using citrus peels

Instead of tossing my clementine orange peels in the trash, I put them in the empty garbage disposal and partially grind them. Suddenly my kitchen smells citrus-y fresh! My mother-in-law also advised me to drop an already-juiced lemon half in the disposal, which lasts even longer.

2. Baking my own aromas

I have enjoyed waking up to the smell of fresh bread in the morning, thanks to my programmable bread machine. Furthermore, I would rather bake some fresh cinnamon rolls or banana bread than buy a food-fragranced wax candle. What better way to greet my daughter when she comes home from school than with a home-baked snack? It beats a package of Twinkies, and even edges out a bowl of Easy Mac. The mere aroma wafting from the kitchen is convincing enough.

This tip is linked to Works for Me Wednesday, a great place for gathering helpful ideas.

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