Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Return to Gratitude

I confess that I haven't been taking my recommended doses of gratitude very regularly. Let it be known then, that I am truly thankful for so much. Looking back over my recent Friday posts I was surprised by just how much discontent wove its way through my "wistful" words and thoughts. Part of the antidote is found in grateful reflections on our recent days.

After months of knowing I should plan more activities to do with my kids, we finally started doing some! My four-year-old daughter and I managed several fun activities this week--about one "project" per day. A paper strip pumpkin was Monday's creation; Caroline giggled with glee as we worked. On other days she helped me make chocolate pudding on the stove top (warm and yummy with a sprinkling of cinnamon!) and a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.

And thus, as we waited for our cold/flu symptoms to diminish, our confinement turned out to be a blessing. I learned that I can choose joy even when I cannot go to my weekly get-togethers with other women. By focusing on what matters at home, I can be fruitful and fulfilled.

Another uplifting instance during our convalescence was when a sweet friend from church brought us some hot soup and raspberry muffins. I still need to get the recipes! That she would notice and make the effort to bring a hot meal over was heartening. Upon hearing that we were sick, she quickly took the initiative to offer her time to bless us with her cooking. God seems to send friends like this over every-so-often to remind me that He knows my troubles and He cares. Amazing.

Yesterday, on the other hand, my "mom rating" was less than stellar. I was late to pick up my daughter. Her birthday invitations remain undelivered. On the other hand, both of my daughters were well enough to attend school. A bouquet of red roses from my husband graced our living room with beauty this week. Despite my shortcomings, I can choose to be thankful for all that's been given to me, and start this day afresh with new mercies.

So now, as the autumn leaves start to fall and the first snowfall is in the wings, I am not dreading winter's confines quite so much. The overall reason? "God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!" Amen?


One More Equals Four said...

Beautiful, in the little struggles, it is so good to be reminded that we do have a God who cares and loves us. What a great reminder that we need to be grateful at all times! Thanks for sharing!

secondofwett said...

Ah, yes He is.....thanks for stopping by...I didn't think anybody still made pudding on the stove any more...the instant really doesn't taste as good and you don't get to scrape the saucepan ..which is the very best part....I'm glad you have good friends that care when your ill and show it....hope all is well soon!

L Harris said...

sounds like an okay week.

Janet said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Yes--our God is so good.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to spend some good times together, even with the yuckies. BTW, I love the little spider web craft on your sidebar. Cute! Have a great weekend.

mholgate said...

Amen! He is good and faithful. Thanks for the reminder!

Have a great weekend!

Faerie Mom said...

This is something I need to work on, being grateful for the blessings that I do have and not complaining as much about the harder aspects of my life.... thanks for this post! It reminded me that I need to address thsi with myself!