Friday, November 13, 2009


My daily goal for the month of November: to arrive early instead of perpetually late. As soon as I resolve to change, however, reality and ingrained habits strike back. Yes, that was me, combing my daughter's hair with a plastic fork before we rushed her to school yesterday.

"Do you want to be healed?" That's a question Jesus asked in the passage from John 5 that we studied this week at BSF. "Get up," he commanded the lame man. Obedience and faith, not will power, were the keys to transformation. Part of me wants to be changed and freed from my hang ups, and yet another part resists, believing it impossible.

After talking about it for weeks, I think we will actually start our Thanksgiving countdown today when my daughter gets home from school. By simply seeking to obey God's command to give thanks, I am seeking to build habits that continue long after November ends.

Meanwhile, even as we prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas ideas are being tossed around and considered. I came across some wonderful inspiration here for simple gifts to make. The folder games look like so much fun, we might have to enjoy some before Christmas.

To be ever thankful, to simplify, and to arrive early and at peace. These are my holiday wishes. Now it's time to "get up", obey, and celebrate what He does!


One More Equals Four said...

I love it...combing her hair with a plastice fork. I would totally due that!

Hope your week goes better!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I have had periods in my life when it seems I'm late. Lately, though, I seem to be on an 'early' much so that it's not great either. Oh to find that perfect balance!

I just followed your link to the Beautiful Thrifty Life - looks VERY cool - thanks!

The Queen Mommy said...

Oh that's a good goal for me - arriving early. I do not live well by the clock - and I need to commit to it - thanks for the inspiration.

Missy K said...

The simple gifts link is very good-- I like the dinner or dessert of the month club idea.

Docmommy said...

LOL at combing your daughter's hair with a plastic fork! The thinsg we do! I think that i am going to get the kids to make the centerpiece for the thanksgiving table.

Josie said...

Who knew plastic forks were so versatile! I'm here from Home Sanctuary and love your goals. I really like the links you've got in this post too...since I'm planning a crafty weekend I think I may even be decorating a jar now too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic goal!! Good luck! I used to always be on time or early. With 2 kiddos, no longer. I have to work at it too but I hate rushing and waking sleeping babies. And I think it's called a dinglehopper. =p

Rachel Anne said...

Dinglehopper! Good one, Joyce.

Well, I laughed at the picture of you combing with the plastic fork! :) Your goals are beautifully simple, I love that. I think I will adopt them as mine, too.

LydiaCate said...

Thanks for the link to Beautiful Thrifty Life! Lots of great ideas.
I can so relate too with your "Get up and obey" analogy. The Lord has been hammering that home for me lately. I make it very difficult sometimes!