Monday, July 26, 2010

More Ideas for Fun in the Backyard and Beyond

The north woods are as beautiful as ever this summer, and our family is enjoying two weeks of slower paced days in northern Ontario, on the island where my husband and I honeymooned.  I hesistate to use the word "vacation" because we are still quite fully occupied with the kiddos, but it is refereshing to be able to explore such beautiful surroundings together.

We've hiked through the woods, collected rocks and shells, and enjoyed going out for generous scoops of ice cream, among other things.  My girls and son love to climb on the rocks and fallen trees in back of the cottage, proof that nature can provide as much fun as a swing set.

Earlier this month I mentioned our "fun jar" ideas, featured by Quirky Momma.  If you are curious to find out the 30 remaining ideas for outdoor fun, part 2 of the list is now posted at her site.

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Laura PARING DOWN said...

That's a great vacation enjoying the outdoors. I love the fun you can have with rocks and trees and stuff!

I remember spending hours outside (on the edge of the Piney Woods) raking pine straw into the walls of our pretend houses. So much fun!