Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Things to Savor from This Summer

1. Sun-kissed tomatoes from our garden

2. Sweet pea bouquets

3. Snoozing in my Vietnamese hammock

6. Stories illustrated and told by my sanguine 5-year-old

7. Sounds of "yee haw!" as my daughters rode like cowgirls in the backyard

8. Scrumptious homemade raspberry pie and jams from St. Joseph Island

9. Seeing my grandfather and grandmother in Ohio

10. Stone necklace my husband gave me on our 10th anniversary

What are you savoring?

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Jhona O. said...

Your Summer sounds like it's been heavenly! I pray that you all have a fabulous Fall too:)

Andrea Dekker said...

Lovely post! And the whole idea behind your blog is great.

I've been so busy this summer but have been consciously trying to slow down and enjoy what's left of it!

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of sheets from the clothesline! And I LOVE the idea of those ice cream sandwiches -- hopefully I'll get to try the recipe soon. :D

Alicia said...

Hmmm, I love this. Just the word "savor" makes me happy.

SpitFire said...

Those ice cream sandwiches intrigue me. I don't think I ever would have thought of doing ginger & peach together, but it sounds delicious.