Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of 9/27

It's going to be a super busy week for us, so I'm hoping to start preparing dinner earlier in the afternoon to make sure we're eating by six o'clock.  I'm thankful for a rice cooker and slow cooker to help me in my quest for timelier meals.  Speaking of which, it's time for me to pick up my girls from school and then return home to start making dinner.  So off we go.


* Rice
* Brussel Sprouts
* Corn soup


* Slow Roasted Asian Chicken
* Rice


* Meatloaf
* Rice

*Salmon Spaghetti Pie
*Tossed Salad


*Sloppy Joes


* Grilled Chicken
* Sweet Potatoes

See many more menu plans at Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura.

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Time is Peace said...

I love Brussel Sprouts and love them even more when I brine them. Wondering if you have? They are so tender and more flavorful.

I like your blog! Will check in with you weekly. I also blog at come by visit when you can.