Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Activity Week: Carpet Gliding Skates

Today I am unveiling our favorite indoor winter activity of all--carpet gliding!  Now when we get the urge to ice skate, we can simply slide on the carpet and stay toasty warm.  I was very excited when I found the idea.  I knew right away that my girls would love skating inside, and they did.  But as thrilling and slippery as the wax paper skates were, the paper didn't last long.  We needed a more durable material.  

Thanks to a tip from my friend, I switched our foot gear to plastic cereal bags (the ones that come inside the boxes).  As you will see in the video, the cereal bag skates slid very well!

How to Make Plastic Carpet Gliding Skates:

1.  Collect empty plastic cereal bags.  Shake them out and wipe them clean from any chaff.

2.  Open the long seam, but leave the bottom seam sealed.

3.  Place a sock-covered foot in the open bag.  Be sure to keep the bottom seam of the bag up, so that it won't touch the floor.

4. Wrap the bag around the foot and secure with a rubber band (or elastic band).

5. Take a second bag to cover the other foot, repeating steps 2-4.  Now you are ready to start skating on carpet!

Carpet skating is a great way to be active indoors.   It kept my three children busy burning off their excess energy for a big chunk of the afternoon.  I had fun gliding around too.  Here are my daughters in action:

Have you tried any of the activities from this week yet?  Here's a quick list of ideas (with links) that I have shared earlier in the week:

Please join me again here tomorrow for more ideas to wrap up 
Winter Activity Week.

Sharing ideas can help us
  banish winter boredom once and for all!

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Michelle H said...

This looks fun even for me! We'll have to chow down on the cereal...

One More Equals Four said...

Oh my word! I am laughing hysterically! I totally want to try this...I'll just have to get some cereal bags...

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Doris said...

Great idea, photos,instructions. How much fun they must have had and I imagine will also adventure into more. What a fun way to keep warm and be actively engaged in using their energy. I remember my Mom, (your Grandma, the kids Great Grandma Anderson) always saved the cereal bags and used them for many projects in the kitchen and beyond.
Wish the video was longer!~!! Hugs to all

Becky said...

How fun!! I may have to try this myself. :)

Dani said...

Awesome! I'm pretty sure I did this when I was little, but it would have been that I discovered it by accident! So much fun! We, however, have had real ice all week!

Bugaboo said...

What a creative, fun idea! Awesome!

Hillery said...

Is it frictionless so it doesn't cause shocks?

Aiming4Simple said...

@ Hillery - With our carpet we did not notice any problem with static and shocks. There is some friction though, because the bottoms of our feet got warm.