Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Book Week 2011: Progress Report

Did you know that this week (May 2-8) is Children's Book Week?  As a happy coincidence, I thought it would be fun to start reading through our entire collection of children's books.  This would basically require our screen time and my cooking duties to be minimized.  I thought several nights of slow cooking would help my chances of success.  But I forgot to take into account all the extra activities we were doing this week.  As a supposedly stay-at-home mom, I have not managed to stay home and read much.  Every morning so far we've been out--shopping, caring for other children, attending our weekly Bible study, and then today I went on an all-day class field trip!

We're still on the first shelf!

Not surprisingly, we've read just 20 books out of an estimated 200 plus titles.  Still, we will press on and enjoy reading together.  I will be sure to report when we've accomplished our goal.  I'm aiming for the middle of next week, which would extend our challenge to about 10 days (versus the idealistic one week goal that I set initially).

Want to join our reading challenge?  It's not too late!
Simply comment over here and I will add your name to the list.


Alicia said...

Ah, what sweet times these must be together!

I smiled at the SAHM-who-can't-stay-home bit...I remember my mom lamenting the same thing! :D

Our Lives said...

I hear you on the part of not being able to stay home as much as you would like. My daughter will be driving this September so I hope our driving around life would slow down a bit. :)
I am still wishing for a time to read books and actually enjoying them. You are doing great! Press on!