Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making a Unicorn Birthday Pinata

A certain little person requested a unicorn as her pinata of choice for her birthday party this month. "How about a strawberry instead?", I suggested.  No, she had her heart set on a unicorn.  And I obliged, with a sigh.  Here's what resulted:

The unicorn was inspired by the one in Goldalicious (part of the Pinkalicious book series). This creation wasn't as quite sturdy as other pinatas I've made and thus won't be making a return appearance.  Still, taking the time to make it was a meaningful way to show my middle child how very special she is to me.


Further Notes:  I have a step-by-step tutorial of a star pinata which is much simpler to make, published at AC.  Also, if you'd like to know more about the homemade banner in the background, see my Mosaic Birthday Banner post.

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