Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visiting a Family Farm in Rural Nebraska

Going to the source of our food is something I love to do with my kids.  We are blessed to live in a town with an abundance of farmers markets; there we can meet hardworking folks who produce food for our table.  One farming family we've gotten to know sells natural meats, with an emphasis on lamb.  We've ordered half a lamb in autumns past, but we love to eat lamb so much that we ordered a whole lamb this year.

Although we've been wanting to see the farm where our lamb comes from, its location, two hours away from the city where we live, made it hard to get there.  Yet providentially, we were going to be passing near the farm on our way back home from Kansas City this week.    So we called up, got directions, and found ourselves tooling along a dusty gravel road until we reached the farmhouse and neighboring store.  Here is the store:

It's an old country schoolhouse that's been moved and renovated by the owners of the farm.  I found out during our visit that the farmer's grandmother had attended this one-room schoohouse back in her day.

Kittens galore!
A few minutes after we arrived, we were met by a couple of the children.  They were clad in rubber work boots and chatted with us until their father made it up the hill.   The two of them carried our meat out to our minivan and then showed us around the farmyard.

A working pitchfork

My children enjoyed feeding the pet lambs.  The main flock was out in the pasture.
Geese and several other kinds of birds scooted away from us as we approached.

Teaching our children the importance of a good work ethic has been a big focus and challenge in our home lately. While they enjoyed the animals, I think it was even more valuable for them to see kids who were busy with lots of daily chore responsibilities.

We also want our children to understand and appreciate that what we eat takes a quite a bit of work to produce.  It is not just a matter of plopping items into a grocery cart!

While we can't afford to buy the best of everything, certain items, like ethical meats, I believe are worth the extra cost.  Furthermore, getting to see where our food comes from gives us both an education and greater peace of mind as we navigate the many choices involved in raising a family.


MichaelaRae said...

Really awesome! This post made me miss the country. I'd love to do that with my kids someday.

~Michaela (visiting via Try New Adventures Thursday)

Alicia said...

Julia, how fun! I love the old schoolhouse. I have never eaten much lamb, but would be willing to try it more (last time I had it it tasted sort of gamey?).

Stephanie said...

That is a great idea for kids, and for myself as well! I would love to get meat from the local farmer and expose my kids to where it comes from. We live near the country, so it shouldn't be that hard to do!! I will have to look into that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I'm a suburbs girl through and through, but I do love to visit both the city and the country (luckily, both are not too far away!). My girls love our visits to the farm. I haven't had lamb in a long time, but the last time I had it, it was super duper yummy!

Gratefuleachday said...

So glad you were able to get to the farm with the children and also have such a rich experience bringing home your lamb. Hugs to all. Mom & Grandma W