Monday, November 28, 2011

Books and Movies for Dolphin Lovers

For my daughters and son, a trip to the library is much more exciting than going shopping; I think I was the same way at their ages.   My son is mostly eager to borrow a new DVD each time, though he enjoys fresh books as well.  My daughters also enjoy looking at the Scholastic monthly book catalogs that are sent home with them from school.  And so we must still navigate the choices about what to buy versus what to borrow for free.  (Well, library books are free in theory--our overdue fines now constitute a line item in our monthly budget.)

Anyhow, last month, my six and eight-year-old daughters went out to see the movie Dolphin Tale with me (not free).  It only served to heighten their enthusiasm about these smooth-skinned mammals.  At the Omaha zoo several months before, we got to see IMAX: Dolphins, which definitely captivated their interest and imaginations.

So guess what we've been reading this month...
1. Dolphins
2. Wild Marine Animals - Dolphins
3. Dolphins (In the Wild)
4. Dolphins (Early Bird Nature Books)
5. Face to Face with Dolphins (Face to Face with Animals)
6. Dolphins (Nature Watch)
7. Dolphins (World of Mammals)
8. Diving Dolphin (DK READERS)
9. Under the Sea (Usborne Lift-the-Flap)
10. Aquarium Guide: A Bible-Based Handbook to the Aquarium

The first seven titles my daughters pulled with eager hands from the public library shelves.  The last three books that feature or include dolphins are ones that we already own. The dolphin mania continues.

As a girl, I watched Flipper re-runs and wished I could swim with dolphins one day.  In college, I switched my focus to study aquatic invertebrates, but I still find all underwater creatures fascinating.   I have eagerly explored beaches on both Pacific coasts (America and Asia), and gazed on ocean wonders while snorkeling in Vietnam and Thailand.  In the Midwest, I've loved visiting aquariums in Omaha, Gretna, and Chicago.

Though we're currently landlocked, scuba diving remains on my list of hopes for the future.  Meanwhile, books and videos offer a portal to explore the undersea places we have not yet been.

Do you or the children in your life have a favorite aquatic animal?  
Was it influenced by a book, TV program or movie?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Christmas gifts! My 8 year old niece is obsessed with dolphins and reading, but I've had no clue what to get her for Christmas... until now. Thanks!

Jackie H. said...

What a fun topic! I'm wondering about the Usborne lift the flap book. Do you think it's appropriate for a 3 year old? My son loves nonfiction and it's sometimes hard to find good nonfiction for preschoolers. Enjoy your dolphin books!

Michelle said...

It's fun to explore a topic like this together as a family. The books and videos you share look great.
I found this post from We Teach today. I enjoyed reading your post. The Imax Dolphin movie and lift the flap dolphin book would make super Christmas gifts for young dolphin enthusiasts.
I'm going to tweet this post and share it in a few places. Come visit my We Teach Children to Read facebook community page to see a link to this post.

Aiming4Simple said...

@Jackie - Yes, the lift the flap book was good for my kids at age 3 and beyond. I just read as many of the facts as they can handle before turning to the next page--it has varied between kids and their moods. Still, the flaps definitely engage them longer.

It's been a well-loved book for all of them.

asian~treasures said...

Love it! We've been infatuated with dolphins, too, but mostly because of Winter (the dolphin in Dolphin Tales) & the prosthetic tail. It's hard to find good, kid-oriented books, movies, etc. about prosthetics & limb differences, etc. : )

Wise Owl Factory said...

I pinned this to a Pre-K and K Sharing Pinterest group because it is such a great resource. So many children go through a loving dolphins stage and we can interest them in reading because of it. Very fun. Carolyn