Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earthworm Encounters: A New Sensory Activity (+ a Favorite Song)

The lowly earthworm is such an important creature.  A songwriter called Mr. Nicky captures some of the many reasons why in his delightful song, "Earthworm."  Some facts that he highlights are that earthworms:

1) help gardens grow,
2) are nocturnal, and
3) are covered in slime.

The slime never bothered me too much as a child, since I managed to collect earthworms for my worm farm and impale them on hooks for fishing bait.  And my children love to find live earthworms in our backyard too.  But for a slime-free approach, I made some segmented worms out of plastic drinking straws.


  • plastic drinking straws
  • sharp scissors (to be used by an adult)
  • fake dirt* (black rice and stale Grape Nuts cereal in our case) or sand
  • medium to large container
  • ruler or tape measure, optional


  1. Carefully cut segments in the straws, being careful not to slice all the way through.
  2. Fill a container with fake dirt or use a sand box.  Hide the worms under the dirt or sand.
  3. Ask the kids to find the plastic earthworms.
  4. Optional: Use a ruler or tape measure to measure each earthworm found.

First we measured one worm.

Then we put two worms together and measured again.
* For fake dirt, you could also use birdseed, coffee grounds, or wood shavings.

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sunnymum said...

Thinking about studying worms next. This is a great idea! Thanks!