Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Reasons to Avoid Baking

I cannot deny that I love to bake.  And there are many reasons to do it.  But baking is not always the best choice when it comes to how to spend my time.  Even in college, I could be found in the kitchen baking Swedish Tea Ring instead of studying for final exams.

In my current stage of life, I am trying to find a balanced approach where I still get to bake, but don't go overboard.  Sometimes I need to tell myself why it is good to hold off for a while.

Here are 10 reasons for me to avoid baking:

  1. There will be more bowls, pans and utensils to wash.
  2. Baking often uses sugar, which is not healthy.
  3. Baked goods may lead to adult weight gain.
  4. Baked goods are not as healthy as raw foods with living enzymes.
  5. Baking in the oven is not energy efficient.
  6. Baking and the resulting clean up takes time away from other pursuits.
  7. Baking can lead to burned foods and fingers if utmost care is not taken.
  8. Baking often requires special ingredients and equipment that takes up lots of kitchen space.
  9. When others find out that I bake, they may press me to bake again and again.
  10. Giving in to the temptation to eat batter with raw eggs might give me or my children food poisoning.
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Amy said...

I don't bake because I have no self control over eating the dough or batter or whatever it may be. I thought I might some day grow out of it, but here I am, 41 and still fighting my own kids for the spoon.

MaryAnne said...

I love this list! I love making wacky cake, because then I can eat the batter without worrying about food poisoning (it has no eggs) =)

Unknown said...

Cute. I like that you followed your previous post with this :).

ohAmanda said...

LOL! The raw eggs made me laugh! How can you pass up raw cookie dough?!