Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Reasons I Love to Bake

1. I love fresh bread and homemade cookies.

2. So does my family.

3. I control what ingredients I put into my baked goods.

4. It makes the house smell wonderful--naturally.

5. I have fond memories of baking with my mom and enjoying my grandmas' baked goodies.

6. In fall and winter, the oven warms up the kitchen nicely.

7. Freshly baked goods taste better than store-bought foods.

8. Home baked goods involve less packaging than store-bought products.

9. There is a great sense of accomplishment when my baking results are good.

10. Baking our own snacks and bread can help us save money on food.

Cake celebrating my daughter's first lost tooth

Top Ten {Tuesday} 

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oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

YUM! These 2 posts were fun! And now I'm hungry...