Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Missing Out on the Joy of Giving

Food banks and bell ringers are kicking it into gear this November. As charities seem more desperate than ever this holiday season, I find my inclination is to be tight-fisted at times. After all, given the recession and the financial tightrope we are walking, how can we give any more?

I'm thankful for my husband's commitment to give of our firstfruits, no matter what. I'm not sure I would be quite so committed and disciplined if the charitable giving were up to me. I am ashamed at the thought that I can actually hold on to what is not even mine. And how different are these thoughts from the average American Christian?

Ron Sider discusses "stingy Christians in an age of opulence" in his article, "A Lot of Lattes", which reviews a new book analyzing giving patterns. How different am I from those who claim to have faith, but don't put their money where their mouth is?

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