Saturday, November 15, 2008

The simpler the task, the harder it is to do well

It's remarkable really, that I know how to blog, do social networking, post classified ads, and purchase products online, yet the simplest of tasks--going to bed at a reasonable hour--I cannot seem to do on a regular basis.

My thoughts on the trouble of going to sleep were captured almost perfectly by a recent Momsense article by Susan Bezse Wallace that I found via an e-mail newsletter.

In the article, she poses the questions "What do you do after the kids are in bed? What should you do?" She then proceeds to admonish me to "consider whether your nighttime activities are helping or hurting you the next day." Well, I certainly have done that, but bad habits are hard to break. Still, I shall try to take her advice to heart. I plan to print out the article and post it near (or on!) my ever-tempting computer.

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