Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where O Where Have My Little Socks Gone?

Socks can be quite revealing. Show me your sock drawer and I will see how meticulous you are. In our house matching socks are a feat to be celebrated.

My exultation in having pairs for both of my daughters in hand came to an abrupt end one morning last week; they were gone an instant later. Poof! No socks. Not just one stray sock vanishing as they often do, but four socks. Two lovely matched pairs gone.

Socks seem so simple, and yet remain so hard for me to manage.

But wonder of wonders, this week the missing socks resurfaced! Yet even I am aghast at where they had lodged. At least they were clean.

The essence of my current haphazard existence is captured in this photo. Still, I honestly don’t think I would have put them in that drawer if I had not been lacking so much sleep. The simple act of going to bed would doubtless save me much untold grief.

Now, where did I put my can opener?


asian~treasures said...

OH...I found a sock in my fridge the other day. Micah, for some reason seemingly unknown to even him, confessed that he put it there. I'm still not sure where the mate is...


Mom2fur said...

LOL, glad to know I'm not the only one who is losing it!
I have 2 ferrets, and when something goes missing we look in their 'stashes.' A few weeks ago, I found nine (yes 9!) sponges under one of the shelves in my crafts room! sock solution is to buy many pairs of the same socks, so one way or another, there's always a mate.