Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine’s Day as an Outlet for Creative Sentiments and Ideas

Though I am not that into frills and lace, the approach of Valentine’s Day this year has sparked one craft project idea after another. I’m finally learning to blend my own penchant for crafts and creativity with fostering those characteristics in my children. My oldest daughter cannot wait to start the next craft, and if we don’t get to it soon enough, she assembles something on her own. Other times, I admit I still will give in to my urge to get a project done without “helping hands.’ Yet even then I can show the prototype I’ve made to my five year old, set out the remaining materials, and let her run with the idea. She can’t wait. We’re both delighted to see the results.

I am not sure how I acquired the notion that my love of crafting should remain in the past--that it was not supposed to endure into my grown-up life. And even if it were appropriate, how, as a mother of three, am I supposed to find the time? So I confess to having stacks of blank scrapbooks, waiting for a season when I can spread out my materials and create tangible masterpieces out of our memories. Ideas are my specialty; whether they will actually happen is another story.

Making here-and-now memories with my daughters is what employs my God-given creativity these days. These moments may or may not they ever make it into an acid-free album, though I photograph what we do whenever possible. Both my daughter’s eagerness to create and my desire to record the fruition of my ideas helps motivate me to keep the projects coming. By creating things together with our hands we are building memories to keep and savor into the next generation.

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