Friday, August 14, 2009

Tastes of Oklahoma City: Grandy's Sinnamon Rolls and More

I grew up believing that my Oklahoma roots didn’t run that deep, since all of my extended family lived far to the north or west of us. But like other places I’ve lived and grown to love (Chicago, China, and Vietnam), the people and the food I left behind are what I miss the most.

This summer I had a chance to return to Oklahoma and visit my parents, sister, and friends there. I was also eager to get some of my favorite foods that are not available in Nebraska, where I live now. I not only enjoyed the morsels myself, I had fun introducing my children to some of the local treats of Oklahoma City. They may not remember the blur of friends and kids they encountered, but they are still talking about the new places they saw and the donuts and cinnamon rolls we tasted on our trip.

It is widely known that Oklahoma City is not a particularly healthy city when it comes to food and how much people eat. But because going out to eat is both commonplace and a beloved pastime, there are some tremendously tasty treats to be had. So to justify our donut indulgence, we opted to walk to the donut shop instead of drive. Very un-American I know.

After getting our donuts in pretty white bags, we strolled to a nearby park bench to dig in to our raised glazed wonders. My three kids promptly burned off some of those calories on the swings, teeter tooter and jungle gym. My two-year-old son learned a new favorite phrase that day: "donut shop."

Featured Review:
Grandy’s Sinnamon Ro

This is my new afternoon snack craving. I remembered these were wonderful, but the sweet cinnamony perfection was something that had not crossed my lips in a long time. I can recall only one instance in recent years that equaled this delight--pillowy soft cinnamon rolls made by my sister-in-law, Sarah.

You can find reviews of four of my local favorites--Grandy’s, Daylight Donuts, City Bites, and Braum’s--in the article Best Bites Around Oklahoma City: Where to Find Delicious Local Foods Under $5.

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