Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple Tip(s) of the Week: Ways to Use and Reuse Glow Necklaces

Halloween, the Fourth of July, and birthday parties are perfect opportunities to showcase glow necklaces as surprisingly versatile toys. How, you wonder? Take note of these bright and eco-friendly ideas.

1. Frisbee

2. Ring Toss

3. Hopscotch

4. Variation on the game of Twister

5. Jump rope (join two or three together)

6. Play dough or sand structure

7. Tug of war rope

8. Three-legged race (in place of bandanas)

9. Outdoor Decorations: Hosting an evening party? Deck your porch, mailbox, fence or table with glowing lengths of color. Or should the urge for mischief strike, forget toilet papering, and decorate a friends house with glow necklaces instead.

10. Capture the flag or treasure hunt

About 90% of these ideas can be done whether the necklace is still glowing or not, which means you don't have to toss them in the trash after just one night of use! Whether they are glow or no-glow, these tubular necklaces are designed for flexible fun, night or day!

Bonus Tips:

  • If you lose a connector, certain sizes of drinking straws or clear tubing can serve as connector substitutes.
  • If you pop the glow necklaces in the refrigerator while they are still glowing, they will glow a little longer. Ours lasted for more than 48 hours that way!

These ideas have worked for us, and are also linked to Tuesday's Tip Jar this week.


Rebecca said...

This is awesome! I posted about glow neckalces on BlogMommas because I have them for my kids this year and now you have given me plenty of ideas on how to use them after Halloween - very cool!

pk said...

What a creative idea for reusing what you already have! Very fun. Have a great weekend!
pk @ Room Remix