Friday, October 23, 2009


One week ago today I was in sprint-cleaning mode. Whenever we have relatives or guests come to visit, I face the daunting challenge of how to undo the whirlwind of chaos that the kids and I allow to accumulate. My parents graciously waited while I made the bed and cleaned the bathroom for them--hours after their arrival! By the time they left, the kitchen sink was also empty, thanks to my mom's hard work and a stack of paper plates.

Then last Saturday, the day before my daughter's birthday, cries of heartbreak and anger suddenly filled the air. I came rushing downstairs, abandoning my phone conversation. On the floor I saw scraps of colorful tissue from the pinata my daughter so proudly created just two days before. And we could all guess who the culprit was. Even with those long brown eyelashes, my two-year-old son could not charm his way out of this predicament.

Though he did say "sor-ry", the pain and disappointment over the destruction lingered. We might make another pinata, but our delight will be tempered with the thought of what befell the last opus.

Today is a new day, and rather than despair over hours wasted online the last few weeks, I will be thankful for new mercies and a fresh start.

And now it's time for another full-court cleaning press. We have another pinata to make and a house to prepare for my daughter's birthday party, which was postponed to this Sunday. What Duke Ellington said about time is so often true of me: "I don't need time, I need a deadline."

Thanks for stopping by, Company Girls. I hope you stay healthy and enjoy your weekend!

Buddies again (though the pinata is no more).


Marie said...

Hello Julia - thank you for this post that made me giggle because I am so right there with you! I have a 5 yo daughter who LOVES to irritate her big sister.

Hope you can get your cleaning done and new pinata made! We could all use a few more hours in our day, right?


Jhona O. said...

Oh my, that would sure make a little heart break. Thank goodness their minds are so creative and their hearts are so open and full of love! I am sure it will be fun to mend or make the new pinata. My husband broke open his first pinata EVER this year. It was fun to watch.

I have my brother's family of 7 coming for Thanksgiving. They'll be here nearly 3 weeks. I've been preparing for that well in advance so I don't do what I usually do...procrastinate and stress. I love family:) Thanks for the visit to my blog and I hope you get it all done! Have a great weekend!

secondofwett said...

Maybe you can convince your little girl that the new pinata will be even better than before!...well, worth a try to be sure......Hope the cleaning goes well.....when company is coming is when my house looks the nicest and then I say,...I'm going to keep it like this always'... :0)

Jamie said...

I, too, have often been cleaning AFTER the company has arrived...There are worse things! Company is a powerful motivator for me, as well.

Love the Duke Ellington quote! I identify.

Thanks for stopping by Cozy Your Home. Hope to see you again!

darnold23 said...

Isn't it funny how they are enemies one minute and best buddies the next? I just wanted to let you know that Mister Linky is up for this week's Crock Pot Wednesday. I would love for you to come post a slow cooker favorite.