Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for a Blogcation

Unable to find a common thread of thoughts for the week, I am sharing my Friday Five:

1 . The Bittersweet Blessings of Adoption

Many splendid friends have graced my life, several of whom happened to be adopted. I'm so thankful that they were, for they have meant so much to me and the many others who love them dearly. I've also come to know several adoptive families at my church in the last two years. I am delighted that now my children are receiving similar blessings, growing up with friends who came to us through adoption.

What prompted me to remember how grateful I am for those who adopt and were adopted? This touching post, by Steady Mom.

2. Company's Coming

To be hosting my sister in law's family of five for Thanksgiving next week is a happy and daunting prospect. They are coming in from Chicago next week. I am longing to manage my time better so I can have things prepared before their arrival. The first step toward that transformative goal? A better prayer life. "I need Thee every hour..."

3. The Return of Sock Hunting Season

Snow I don't mind, but how I despise hunting for socks! On the bright side, after doing the necessary weeding Rachel proposed, I can chop the strays up and help my oldest daughter make this uber-cool jump rope. I will post the results after we complete it. Meanwhile, I bought 12 new pairs of kids' socks this week. If I can still find 10 out of 12 pairs when we ring in the new year, that will be a triumph to celebrate.

4. Wish List Update

Two of the three wishes I shared last Friday are in the process of being granted. The third, "to arrive early and at peace" is still a struggle. Getting up from my computer, by God's grace, would be a way to progress. It is humbling to fail so repeatedly at doing the simplest of things. Punctual arrivals, well-coiffed hair....everyone else is managing, it seems, but me.

5. The Temptations of the Blogosphere

My, am I ambivalent about blogging lately! It motivates and distracts me. It gives me a mode of accountability and offers an avenue of escape. I need to get away for a time and receive some wisdom and healing from above. So if you don't see very many posts during the remainder of this month, that's the reason. I plan to schedule a few posts ahead of time, and then focus on those tasks and people that should get more of my attention.


dawn said...

First of all, great jump rope! Thanks for the link.

Secondly, the last two--I'm with ya! The lateness, the getting off the computer, the accountability and the escape...well said. And...good for you!

May God give you all you need for this next season...

carikaufm said...

Thank you for being a "Samuel" to me today....

God has been telling me to schedule reposts some of my older posts for the next few weeks, and I haven't, until now, understood why...I need a blogcation as well...a break from the escape of the internet. Thank you for sharing exactly what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it. Enjoy your time away! Enjoy your holiday and your family!

Docmommy said...

Can I jsut tell yout hat I LOVE the title fo your blog?
- I'm definitely going with the "I need the every hour" song for thankgsiving. I love it but my family AND in-laws? I will have more gray hairs by next week!

-socks: see my blog. I posted a sock drawer organizer. You're crafty so you could probably do it. I'm lazy so I'm just going to buy it! LOL!

- pulling away from the computer and blogging. I told myself that I would post at least once a week but not every day and you'r right, I think the best way to manage time with it is to plan it ahead of time and I am wondeirng if I should even write a little bit in a word file or in a notebook every day and then put it into one blog page. My problem is computer games like word games, etc. they are so relaxing that I can get caught up and waste so much time with them! But lately I have gotten better at cutting them off too.

I guess to manage this- set some goals. I look forwards to your posts!

Anonymous said...

We're slowing down the posts over at our blog for the remainder of the year too...Love spending time with friends and family. Enjoy the time with your family during their visit. Hope to hear about it when you come back to blogland.

Rachel Anne said...

I cannot comment on the time sucker that the computer is because I am knee deep in it.....I am committed to posting each weekday and my family is at a point that they can give me the time in the evenings to do so...but it can creep into other parts of the day, ouch! I rarely, RARELY read other blogs except on Coffee Fridays...otherwise I would never get up from this chair!

Aiming4Simple said...

Rachel - Since you are more of a professional blogger, I would expect your posts to take some time. Your posts minister to so many of us! Plus, your kids can dress themselves. My little blessings are 2,4 and 6, so getting out the door is a monumental feat. =)

One More Equals Four said...

I have taken my share of blogcations and it can be very liberating. It can be so addictive to sit and read and get involved in blogging, but it is great to step away and get plugged back in, too. Good luck! Have a great holiday!

LydiaCate said...

Tis why I don't blog I guess. I'm afraid it would completely consume me. I have enough to contend with. I love keeping up with Home Sanctuary and I do the fb thing.(Why do I feel like I need to whisper that??)
I applaud you for seeing your need to get away for a bit.
Have a great weekend!