Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Efficient Bathroom Cleaning for Busy Moms

Having a clean bathroom lifts my spirits. However, our household has three little ones going in and out of the main bathroom all day long. Not surprisingly, sparkling surfaces don't last long. When I'm on top of my game, I do a quick bathroom clean up while a child is bathing or putting on their pajamas.
Non-toxic cleaners are the key to this strategy, since I can tackle the sink and toilet without worry. I try to keep cleaning supplies where I can readily access them whenever I am in the bathroom. I've also found that I can use whatever supplies are handy for the job--toilet paper or baby wipes can sub for paper towels; daily shower cleaner works for light cleaning of almost anything, including the bathroom mirror!

Frequent bursts of efficient bathroom cleaning work for me. I am thankful I now know how to keep hand towels off the floor and the main bathroom passable. Once I discover how I can keep both of our bathrooms clean, I will sing for joy.

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