Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craft of the Week: A Valentine for My Superhero of a Husband (Shh..don't tell yet!)

I am married to a superhero (which isn't easy, by the way). And I thought he deserved a more masculine valentine from me this year--in 3D, no less. Cute frills and lace are not his style. Cards are more "my thing", but I thought this one might be fun to hang on his door. Maybe it will be a prelude to a real superhero gift--a DVD or poster or something funny.

I could not decide which message idea was better. "My hero" was an inscription on a conversation heart candy that I found. The words were off center however, so I flipped the candy over and rewrote the words myself with a red pencil.

"You ignite my heart" was the other statement I composed; I decided to have it be the second layer message. So after my husband removes the hero message, he'll see the second underneath, like this:

After all my waffling, I now have layered meanings and a valentine rich with symbolism. Not only does my man ignite my heart, he has to contend with a sometimes prickly companion who knows she should treat him more softly than she does.

So that will be next year's challenge--to design a valentine for my husband that is still masculine, but somehow smoother around the edges, reflecting changes in the way I relate to him.

Will you be making or getting a card for your spouse this year? What kind of design do you think men usually appreciate?


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