Friday, April 2, 2010

Ain't That Good News!

Preschool Artwork by K.B.

Recent good news from friends has gladdened my heart like never before.  I am so thankful for such friendships.  When my own life is hard, it is good to look at how God is blessing the people I care about and share a bit of their happiness.  Why am I just discovering this now?

Some ways I am rejoicing with those who rejoice:
  • The best man at our wedding got engaged recently and is getting married this summer.  I understand better why everyone was so happy for us when we were engaged.  We will now get to be one of those gushing married couples who congratulated us so warmly on our wedding day ten years ago.
  • Another friend shared the news that she has found someone who may just be her God-given match. I am eager to learn about how God's plans for her unfold.
  • My sister has another job--at a good company.  This is an answer to many prayers.
  • We have several friends blessed by expecting another child this year.  And one of these couples had their fourth child last month.  We went to visit them and share their joy.  I had fun making my first ever diaper cake to give to them for the occasion.
  • My husband received a teaching award this semester.  Such news is gratifying, after pouring his energy and expertise into students who treat their education and grades as mere transactions rather than as an opportunity to grow. He gets a couple hundred dollars as part of the recognition as well, which we certainly appreciate during these financially tight grad school years.
  • But the best news of all is what we celebrate every Easter.  I've been studying the book of John in a Bible study that meets each Wednesday.  Looking at John's gospel has deepened my insight into the wonder of who Jesus is and what He did in perfect obedience.   And his triumph that grants my pardon and gives access to life with Him is my greatest cause to rejoice.

What are you celebrating these days?


Alicia said...

Ah, it's good to be grateful and celebrate.
I'm with you on celebrating new pregnancies/births. In the last year, 9 of my friends have had babies, and now 3 more are pregnant...

Stephenie said...

We are doing a lot of celebrating at our house this week. My son prayed to accept Christ as his Savior on Palm Sunday! I blogged about this and other ways God showed off at our home lately. I hope you visit my blog and rejoice with me.

Melinda said...

What wonderful things you have to celebrate! That's great!

I am celebrating God's grace and mercy in the little things, the small, quiet ways He speaks to me.

Angie's Ad Lib said...

I enjoy seeing how God uses each of the studies we're currently involved in to bring the message to light in our hearts. I'm studying the Tabernacle and this week have landed on the altar and the sacrifices. Could it get more timely than that?! :) The Lord has refreshed my thoughts on Easter right out of the Old Testament. Love when He does that!

We celebrated getting training wheels off of our last bike in the family! Yay! We've celebrated the gorgeous weather by eating dinner on our deck two nights this week. We've also celebrated a quiet week spent relaxing and enjoying our friends.

Blessings to you this Easter!

One More Equals Four said...

Great things to celebrate! We are celebrating our risen savior and my oldest son's 13th birthday...I cannot figure out how that happened so fast!

Hope you had a great weekend!

dawn said...

thanks for sharing all of your reasons to celebrate--it is good to focus on the good and the happy!

I am celebrating the gift of my sister's healthy baby--ultrasound shows all is well and it's a girl!! This is after she lost her daughter Sadie last April--delievered stillborn at 37 weeks. God is so good to give them another little girl to fill their arms!

Hannah said...

Congrats to your husband on the teaching award! So you are in the grad school trenches as well? "We" (it feels like We!) just graduated with a PhD in December, and now he's doing a postdoc while searching for more lucrative teaching positions, i.e. as a professor.

New life is always something to celebrate!