Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kids Craft: Bejeweled Boxes

Normally I try to use materials from around the house to create our crafts, but birthdays can be an exception, especially when we celebrate simply in the backyard. These were a last-minute dollar store inspiration. Disappointed with the bead selection for jewelry making, we found sparkly plastic jewels to stick on wooden boxes instead. We bought 5 wooden boxes, 2 packs of jewels, 2 acrylic paint sets, and a 6-count package of glitter glue.

The girls at my daughter's party had a fun time painting and decorating their individual boxes. The only setback was that the demand for pink paint was greater than the supply. I could have anticipated this and had more pink and more paint brushes available. Overall though, the craft project was a hit with the kids, and I would definitely do them again.


• wooden boxes
• acrylic paints
• glitter glue
• paint brushes (can supplement with Q-tips)
• plastic jewels
• disposable cups (to hold water for rinsing brushes)
• disposable bowls or plates (to contain finished boxes with wet paint)
• paint smocks (we cut paper grocery sacks to make smocks)

Before the glue and paint dry, it would be wise to open the lid slightly and insert a piece of waxed paper. Otherwise, the box may get glued or painted shut.


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Diane said...

Fun idea for the kids. TFS.

I came here via Strut Your Stuff Thursday. Hope you can visit me sometimes over at Pittypat Paperie.