Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Turn Off the Computer

I have agreed to an experiment.  Since I am prone to spend too much time online, we sometimes disable the wireless network in our home during the day.  So far, those have been my most productive, happiest days of the week. 

Here are the top reasons why shutting down my computer for most of the day is such a good idea:

  1. I can enjoy more of the sunshine and fresh air, which invigorates my soul.
  2. I can be more active and burn more calories when I am not sitting in front of a screen.
  3. I can have a cleaner house.  Having the wireless network turned off for a couple of days last week proved this.
  4. I can provide more clean clothes for my family.
  5. I can focus on interacting with my children, who are the main reason I am staying at home!
  6. I can focus on connecting with people face-to-face and by phone.  I finally called one of my longtime friends last week!
  7. I can prepare more of our food from scratch, which I enjoy and which saves money.
  8. I can get more sleep, knowing I've made the most of the opportunities during my waking hours.
  9. I can have fun going out to enjoy the activities of the season--berry picking, local festivals, farmers markets, etc.
  10. I can invite people into my home and look for ways to serve and reach out to others--volunteering, bringing meals, talking to my neighbors, etc.
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Melissa said...

I loved this list! My husband was challenging me in this area just the other day. Good for you! I know I 'waste' too much time online, and yet there is so much good inspiration to be found. I'm sure there's some good equation to figure inspiration translated into real life benefit. Hmmmmm! I'm so NOT mathy!

The Local Cook said...

On Sunday our power went out, frying our computers and modem, so I went 3 days without computer. (only 1 day without power). It was actually kind of nice! A good reminder to unplug now and then.

MDiskin said...

I really needed to see this today! Great reasons, and I'm implementing them this week. :-)

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

SO good. I think the thing for me is what you said at hte beginning--I'd have to disable the internet b/c my self-control is lacking! Great post!

Thanks for linking up to Top Ten {Tuesday}!

Tracey said...

Thanks for this exceptional post! I agree with each of your points - I need to think about taking one day a week to totally unplug! Hope I have the fortitude to carry through!

Becky Chau said...

hey, speaking of old friends. i went to singapore last weekend and stayed with Bee! She's back there for a month renovating her flat but they'll head back to Wales end of the month. we remembered old times in Hanoi with you and Adele. and enjoyed a few trips to Starbucks - for my sake. now i'm back home, week 33 of the pregnancy, and will stay put till Zachary arrives. is brad coming out this year?

LBDDiaries said...

This was the comment above a post by The Local Cook about what she did when the lights went out! I clicked your URL to read this - it was GREAT! So now I have to force *ahem* make myself unplug for a few days and see what happens. You have reminded me to simplify! That's what I've been workng on - I'm a new follower now!