Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing Winter Activity Week 2011

The Bleak Midwinter is upon us here in Nebraska.  And I want to learn to like it.  Because normally I dread its onset all year long.  Those single digit temperatures repress my desire to revel in the outdoors.   Add three kids who must be bundled up, and it's the perfect recipe for cabin fever.

{Our family took a trip to the zoo this week.
Peacocks apparently don't mind the cold.}

Starting on Monday, January 10th, I plan to post at least one new winter activity per day (some indoor, some outdoor, all kid-friendly).  On Saturday, I will gather a list of links to additional fun winter-inspired activities we've discovered and enjoyed from other sites.  If you have a link to share, leave it in a comment. I will try as many of your suggestions out with my kids as we can.  Then on Saturday I will choose our favorite ones to include in a list of links to wrap up the week.

Feel free to join in the fun by trying the activities
(or sharing something fun you've enjoyed recently or long ago).

Would you like to join us next week?  
Leave a comment and say so.
The more the merrier!



Diane said...

Cabin fever - not fun. But the brisk (alright, freeze-you-lungs-cold) outside air and the sunshine really do make a difference - even if it is only for ten minutes.

Looking forward to seeing your lists!

Jen said...

This sounds like a perfect idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Michelle said...

My husband bought me snowshoes yesterday. At first I thought he was crazy, but actually I can't wait to get out and use them! Can't wait to see what's on your list.

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds fun! We may need some of those this weekend. We aren't used to much snow here in TN, but they are predicting 8 inches on Sunday which will shut this town down!!!

Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

What a great idea! We haven't had a ton of snow, but we have had some -10 degree weather, where even the dog didn't want to go outside. I'll have to check back and look at your link ideas!

Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

Oh, how wonderful to try something new. my mountain man usually has to drag me out - even with just one baby it's hard to get bundled and out the door - even with the motivation to do it! every time he forces me out though, i enjoy myself. i've posted a few hikes that we've done recently. seattle isn't nearly as cold, but we've had unusually frigid temps lately, which makes me want to stay indoors even more.

here are my recent hikes!


mholgate said...

What a great way to stay positive through the Winter months! I can't wait to see some of your ideas We could use a little of that positive energy here too!

Have a great weekend!

Aiming4Simple said...

Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging words. I'm looking forward to next week even more now!

Anonymous said...

How fun! The activities...not the weather. I don't do well with anything 50*F and below. We did a ice skate lacer at Lakeshore today, so I will try to find time to send over some instructions. The girls loved it.