Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Honest Critiques to Consider

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1.  "Mom, can I sit in your big fat lap?"  
                    --asked by my son this morning

    2.  "You always make such delicate sculptures in the fridge." 
                      --daughter #1

      3.  "Why do you like to sit at your computer 
             so much?" 
                        --daughter #1

        4. "Can I snuggle with you?" 
                          --both daughters

          5. "I couldn't find any socks." 
                            --both daughters and husband

            6.   "What are you doing?"
                     me: "I'm fixing my hair." daughter #2: "Is it broken?"

              7.  "Let's make our house as clean as Mrs.  
                     ____well's today!" 
                                --daughter #2

                8.  "I hate riding in the car!  Why can't we walk home 
                         every day?" 
                                  --daughter #1

                  9. "Can you erase the chore chart so I can check off 
                       my chores?  
                                    --daughter #1

                    10. "Can I take a bath tonight?" 
                                      --daughter #1

                      Do you have any quotes from children
                      that have prompted laughter and/or dismay?


                      Michelle said...

                      "Don't I get any vegetables tonight?" Apparently I'm not the best at planning well-rounded meals.

                      Amy said...

                      Kids say the funniest things.

                      We came home late the other night and my 3 year old leaned forward and told me he already brushed his teeth. In other words, he did not want to brush them before he went to sleep. We laughed.

                      Eos Mom said...

                      Haha, #6 made me laugh out loud. Cute!

                      Jaimie said...

                      Oh my. I laughed out loud at 1, 3 and 7--probably because I've heard some version of them many times myself.

                      Robbie said...

                      My 3yo has told me he is stinky every night since his birthday. Why? Suddenly he has a Thomas bath toy.

                      Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

                      oh wow. can't wait until my babe is talking and has some wisdom for me...

                      jenniferintouch said...

                      With a gleaming smile, my 2 y/o niece told my sister...

                      "Mom, you and I have the same big fat heads!"