Thursday, May 12, 2011

Class Field Trip: Going as a Parent for the First Time

Last fall my husband offered to watch our youngest while I volunteered in our daughter's kindergarten class every other week.  Getting to know her classmates and seeing her teacher and classroom in action has been invaluable.  A few weeks ago,  it was announced they were going on a field trip in May.  I wondered if I should try to go. 

There have been many class field trip opportunities for each of my daughters, especially when they were in preschool.  They've visited apple orchards, pumpkin patches, museums and nature parks.  But since younger siblings weren't allowed on the trips, I had never gone along as a chaperone. Until last Thursday. I decided to step out in faith and sign up to go with them to the farm. 


If I went, however, I needed to find someone to watch my son for most of the day.  Thankfully, a kind friend from church was willing and available to take him.  This enabled me to go on my first field trip ever as parent!   And it was a perfect day of sunny skies and adorable kindergarteners and animals.  I am so glad I was there for it all!


joyceandnorm said...

Glad the sun was out! And what a great time to spending with your daughter. What a blessing your friend was too. =)

Alicia said...

How awesome! That's really great that you found someone to watch your youngest....that is always such a blessing. :)
We were homeschooled and did field trips with the local homeschool group...the whole family always tagged along! :D said...

Fun! That will be a cherished memory for you both, I am sure of it!

asian~treasures said...

We were happy to have him!! And, for you taking my girlie so I got to be mom at school, too. : )

Looks like both you & she had a fun time.