Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu and Activity Plan {5/9-5/14}: Reality Check

Plans were many, but what came to pass was not what I expected last week.  I aimed to read all of our children's books (details here). I planned to use my slow cooker every night.  Both of those plans are carrying over into this week.  Several out-of-the-ordinary events, like a field trip, my daughter falling and getting a slight arm fracture, and our hot water heater going out temporarily, made for a challenging end to the week.

My version of Fish Rolls.  So simple to make!
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Feeling the need for some stress relief, I opted to bake and watch The King's Speech.   By lunchtime Saturday, I was at a loss for what to concoct with the few ingredients we had in the kitchen.  Finally, the idea to make fish rolls came into my head.  It was the perfect way to use up leftover Puxa Vida Tilapia we enjoyed two nights before. 

I am holding loosely to my plans this week, though I still believe 'tis better to have planned and lost than never to have planned at all!

Plans for dinner:

Plans for activities:
  • Finish our book challenge.
  • Feed some ducks all of our stale bread.
  • Visit the children's museum.
  • Help with MOPS registration.
  • Do a craft with my son.

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Queen of the House said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I love your recipe ideas...they would help me get out of a menu planning rut, I think! :)

Anonymous said...

Feeding the ducks all your stale bread sounds like a wonderfully fun thing to do! I just might have to go find some ducks to feed...