Monday, October 31, 2011

This Week's Menu Plan (Plus Halloween Tips & Treats)

We try to downplay Halloween in our family, though we're not completely opposed to the occasion.  Our costumes are usually homemade, simple projects, and are basically a chance to play dress-up in public.  Halloween night is one of the few opportunities we get to interact with our neighbors, who usually celebrate with big parties.  Despite the scary decorations, I feel it is important for us to reach out and be friendly.

Tonight, in addition to visiting a couple of our neighbors, we're planning to head for the indoor comfort of the mall for trick-or-treating.  Our busy street is not a popular spot for trick-or-treaters.  Since we'll be out and about, the dinner plan is simple--chicken in the crockpot (see recipe link below) and steamed rice.

Will the Great Pumpkin appear tonight?

While we didn't get around to carving a pumpkin this year, I do have some quick and healthy Halloween snack and party food ideas over at AC.  I didn't manage to stock up on candy alternatives to hand out either, but I do have lots of ideas beyond candy here.  Also, if your kids bring home some chocolate loot, you might consider incorporating it into a semi-healthy breakfast in the days and weeks ahead!

Our menu plan for tonight and and the rest of the week:






I'm linking up to MPM this week.

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Anonymous said...

Just visiting from MPM. MY kids would love having Waffles for dinner. I need to plan that!